Mustafa Tolosa, Internet Entrepreneur

Mustafa Tolosa is a marketing expert not only focusing on traditional advertising methods but also on what drives consumer behavior in our digital age. His unique approach to marketing looks at advertising, consumer behavior and media not only from a creative standpoint but also from a analytical and psychological point of view.

In the past 3 years Mustafa’s company, Createsburg has created over 60 websites and helped over 100 businesses from Mexico to Washington State.

En Español

What type of Marketing Services do you offer?

An example of a standard workflow is as follows. I create webpages with advanced targeting scripts and synchronize them with social media profiles and directories while keeping URLs accessible and crawlable. I then optimize the websites to ensure that they rank higher on search engines. We also offer Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, PPC Ads, Branding and more. What makes Createsburg unique is that not only do we post your content but we also go out and create it. So pretty much we leverage the internet to drive new customers to your business(es) while retaining old customers.

So you create content along with your marketing services?

Yes, when I was SRJC I shot a lot of quinceañeras and real estate videos. Three years ago we only shot pictures for our clients, once mobile phones started getting 4G we started providing small video ads also. Psychology is used in all of the ads that we create to be effective. The key is to tug at emotions and make people feel certain ways. This can be achieved by color correction, which direction models are looking, etc.

As a company we’re getting slammed with video work at the moment. Business Videos and Real Estate Videos keep us busy in that department. Recently we started providing event video services again. The past few years I would shoot wedding videos and quiceañera videos but only for close friends and family. Marketing was much more profitable back then compared to video but now that computers can render video faster, shooting video is worth it for us again. This January I merged the marketing firm with the event video services that’s why everything was switched to “Createsburg”.

How do you know what services to offer each business?

We run audits on every business then create a strategy that will help them reach their goals. For example, we would never suggest a construction company to invest all of their money on Instagram ads. A restaurant would never be told to invest all their money on SEO either. Businesses need to be on their perspective relevant channels not every channel. Being a part owner of a small storefront business (On Fleek Studio) gives me a unique perspective on what goes on internally in businesses that can halt marketing strategies. When we first opened On Fleek, 80% of our customers came from Facebook or Google. At Createsburg, work on long term relationships with our clients so we need to make sure that what we provide works for your business.

Anything else your business offers?

Yes, we also sell hosting and domain names. You can purchase our products at Createsburg Domains.

In rare occasions we’ll use ethical growth hacking techniques to help you reach your customers.

No one talks about our consulting services much but it’s in the top 3 services we provide. People call all of the time looking for marketing advice.

If it’s for a non-profit or school, public speaking is usually done for free. I speak at anywhere from 4-6 High Schools a year. I also speak or teach workshops to around 10 non-profit organizations per year.

Is there anything you don’t offer!?

(laughs) There’s a lot we don’t offer. We only offer services in areas that we are experts in. We don’t offer any print services, graphic design services, etc. We can point you the right direction for those services and it’s something that we can do but don’t because we want to make sure we’re the best at the things that we offer. Everything that we offer works together. It’s like a bunch of gears moving together to move a bigger gear (your business).

How has the Hispanic Chamber helped you?

When I was a little kid (around 22) I reached out to the Hispanic Chamber on Facebook to volunteer by creating videos for them. I was way ahead of my time because people weren’t watching video the way they do now. Jenny still gave me a shot and I met a bunch of great people there. I joined the Hispanic Chamber of Young Professionals and around that time I met Marcos Suarez. Marcos asked me if I would volunteer my time to teach a class in Spanish to Spanish speaking entrepreneurs and I said I would love to.

The people in that class enjoyed the presentation so much that they told everyone then I had a bunch of places reach out to me to do workshops and public speaking in Spanish. I kind of felt like a local celebrity (laughs). The ironic part is I was born here, I went to kindergarten a couple months but then I moved to Mexico and went to school there during 1st grade. When I got back I was the only Mexican kid in my class. It was such a disadvantage to not speak English and 20 years ago in Cloverdale you didn’t want anyone knowing that you spoke Spanish. My mom didn’t care and wanted to make sure I didn’t lose my language so she never spoke to me in English, a lot of the kids I grew up with at that time don’t know Spanish anymore because their parents spoke to them in English. Now I get to help grown adults with businesses that are going through the same internal struggles that I went through when I was seven years old. I’m thankful the Hispanic Chamber gave me a platform for that because that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.