Crystal Diamante – 2019 Spirit Of Sonoma Honoree

Linda Lemus, Christensen Accountancy

Family, volunteering, community, education and mentoring are all words that describe Linda Lemus, and her contributions to the Latino community. These things and more is why the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce choose Linda as the 2017 Spirit Of Sonoma Honoree.

The awards, hosted by the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, intend to honor those who contribute to the economic development and enhancement of the communities in which they live, work and conduct business.

Linda’s lifetime dedication to mentoring Sonoma County’s youth for over 10 years which includes mentoring young Latina girls from Sonoma County between 7th-12 grade in a National organization called MANA (Mexican-American National Association). To her, hearing and seeing the difference in at least one girl make it all worth the while.

Linda also served on the Hispanic Chamber Executive Board for six years and continues to volunteers in various roles including a vital Scholarship Gala Committee. In addition, she serves on the steering committee for the Roseland Cinco de Mayo Festival.

She hopes to dedicate herself more in collaborating with other organizations in our local community to further advance the education and support of all young members because they are our community future contingents.

Thank you Linda for your years of service to our Chamber and community! We are proud to have you!

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