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Patrick Campbell, Servicios informáticos

Patrick Campbell es una consultor informático. Nuestros servicios incluyen la prestación de servicios informáticos y soporte técnico en el sitio. Ofrecemos reparación de computadoras, solución de problemas, redes de computadoras y consultoría.  Además, hacemos desarrollo web y seguridad en Internet.



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Reparación de computadoras, desarrollo web, sitios web y seguridad en Internet

Member Spotlight: Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell, IT Consultant

Patrick Campbell is an IT Consultant, focusing on providing computer technical support and servcies. These include on-site services for technical issues, troubleshooting and Internet security. Consulting is the difference between making or breaking your business on a budget.  We deliver the services required to make our customers perform and be efficient in challenging world of technology. Need a service request?  Send us your contact info below,  and we will respond to your inquiry.


What type of Computer Services do you offer?

Our computer services range from small technical issues to updating businesses to the most current technology.  An example would be outdated or non-supported equipment. As business thrives in 2020, changes are needed to keep up with the pace of the growing digital age. Newer advances in hardware, help improve our communication link in our world. This is not only computers, wireless networks, printers, but mobile devices as well.  Constant developments require upgrades for better workflow. The task of efficiency is our core goal. Our services cover all aspects of this environment, be it Hardware, Software,  Security, Upgrades, Networks, Internet presence,  Web development, or yearly maintenance. Consultations will be the core to determine if your business is running efficent or sluggish. It’s imperative that your needs fit the Internet world, and we meet those demands.

AnaMaria Morales Young Entrepreneur/Owner “The College Confectionista”

Anamaria Morales is baking her way through college “one cheesecake at a time!” 

During her senior year in High School, Anamaria knew that she wanted to go to college, but coming from a low-income family she knew she had to get creative about how she was going to pay for her higher education. While in High School, she decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 19 and started the “College Confectionista” baking cheesecakes.

Using local ingredients and farm fresh eggs, AnaMaria whips up 4 new seasonal flavors each month ranging from Sweet Strawberries to Silky Espresso making her cheesecake’s irresistible to your taste buds, leaving you begging for more than just once slice.

In her own words” I have always held a great passion for baking, and sharing my creations with the Sonoma County community. I plan on studying entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal relations in college to help me achieve my dream of owning my own business/and/or helping other small businesses grow!”

The great part?  All of her proceeds helps fund her college education! AnaMaria is a student at the Santa Rosa Junior College, she looks forward to transferring to the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

Most recently, in the wake of the fires, AnaMaria saw a need to help those who lost their homes.  She put her creative cap back on, designed a baseball hat that read “SO-CO Strong” to help raise money for low-income Latino students, faculty and staff affected by the fires.

Thank you AnaMaria for putting community first!

Interested in ordering one of the specialty cheesecakes?

Place an order by text/or call: (707) 495-5324
Email me at: CollegeConfectionista@gmail.com
OR FB message College Confectionista

The pieces of information I needed to place the order are: the flavor, time, and date you need your cheesecake! That’s it! Pretty sweet yeah?

You can also follow her on:

FB  at: https://www.facebook.com/CollegeConfectionista/

Twitter: @Confectionista

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/CollegeConfectionista/

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