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Get Involved

Our Chamber offers many ways for you to get involved. Check out some of the options below.

Join our Ambassador Program

Our Ambassadors are part of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Sonoma County. They are a group who will become well known to our membership and the overall community. Most importantly, our Ambassadors will increase their community connections and build a relationship with influential people that will help them grow.

Our Ambassadors consist of volunteer members who assist our staff, Board of Directors and the Executive Board. Their duties will consist of working with members to expand services, providing outreach to gain new membership, and researching community issues that the Chamber can lend a hand to. Ambassadors will help in welcoming new members and provide assistance to members in outreach while encouraging full participation in Chamber events to assist that community. The Ambassador program is a light on the benefits the Chamber already provides. Having Ambassador’s assisting in all these forms allows more work to get done, connects more members and members to the community which allows the Chamber to have a voice in helping the community.

Program Description
The Ambassador Program is made up of volunteers who assist the Chamber during events, meetings and outreach. Ambassadors serve a term of one calendar year. Ambassadors have the option of serving more time if the Ambassador has that desire and the entire Board is in agreement. Ambassadors serve in a 90 day training process. (This training is explained further in the next section)

Ambassadors are aware that 6-8 hours per month are expected for availability to help in things like:

  • Knowing the Chamber mission, programs and services the Chamber provides
  • Understanding Chamber values and explaining the benefits of membership
  • Attending monthly meetings (1st Thursday of the Month at 7:30 a.m. at the Chamber office)
  • Informing members and the community of the Chamber activities
  • Outreach to the community regarding benefits of membership to acquire new members
  • Attending and volunteering at mixers and signature events
  • Calling and connecting with new and renewing members
  • Serving as a mentor for new Chamber Ambassadors
  • Take on additional Ambassador assignments if necessary
  • Staying on top of information on the Facebook page and the website

90 day Training

The Ambassador program is a key factor in the entire mission of the Chamber. For this reason, the Chamber looks for candidates who are determined to fulfill their role as Ambassadors. The 90 day training is simply to test the candidate’s desire for making a difference in the community.

During the 90 days, Ambassadors are:

  • Expected to go to all activities and trainings on how to call potential members and what to say to potential members
  • Know how to do ribbon cuttings
  • Help with all events
  • Keep in contact with current members to understand their expectations of the services of the Chamber
  • Attend all board meetings

After 90 days the Board will evaluate the candidate’s work. This evaluation will look at attendance and participation. The evaluation will determine if the candidate is someone fit to be an Ambassador.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

  • Recognition by the community
  • Increased networking opportunities
  • Connecting with past, present and future Chamber members
  • Referral opportunities
  • Meeting local business and community leaders
  • Making changes in the community
  • Recognition through awards
  • New resources to better yourself or your business

To apply for a position as an ambassador, please fill in the application and return it to

2016 Amabassador Pgm App Eng

Get involved with the Young Professionals Network

Participate in our Monthly Mixers

There are many more options. For more information, give us a call at (707) 575-3648

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